Four Oaks Health

Areas of Service

  1. Employer-Inividual-Health System Collaboration

    FourOaksHealth principles have a long history of success through Employer and Health System collaboration. Success is driven by a consistent and repetitive sequence in healthcare outlined below:
    • Recognizing and fostering the relationship between employers and health system
    • Establishing dynamic ongoing interactions between client and medical professionals
    • Understanding that optimal outcomes only occur with healthy populations coupled with high-quality and cost-effective healthcare.
    • Creating financial arrangements that are rewarding to employers and health systems.
  2. Strategic mobilization of data and systems

    Significant changes in healthcare data accumulation and management are underway. Some examples that provide a great opportunity for seamless health management are:
    • Clinical intake and front office operations are moving to electronic means.
    • Goal setting and progress measurement for personal health will further interface with wearable devices.
    • Health and medical information can integrate seamlessly.
    • EMR’s, claims and other data will provide information on individual, population and plan sponsor needs to.
    • Governing bodies will require health systems to integrate the following:
      • Greater population’s health.
      • Individual health.
      • Individual access to personal health information via devices.
      • Quality measures.
      • Physician and provider performance.
      • Financial performance.
      • Transparent pricing, regardless of financing method.
    FourOaksHealth applies its experience and skills in strategically mobilizing data and systems. There is no intention of building new systems. However, if there is a gap in service that requires organization, that opportunity will be evaluated to provide the best possible healthcare service.

  3. Primary Health Professional deployment

    Deployment of Primary Health Professionals is the third key FourOaksHealth strategy. PHP services are defined as:
    • Serve individuals and their related populations in managing true healthcare
    • Cultivate long-term relationships with focus of improving health.
    • Interface with clients primarily over devices (emails, text, video messaging, and phone) as well as face to face in health-oriented locations (health clubs, YMCA’s, offices, etc.) and in a clinical setting.
    • Accesses and organizes information to make key information available via those same media.
    • Hold a solid foundation on the six elements of health and always focus on maintaining, improving and restoring those health elements in self and others.
    • Interface effectively with local, specialty and academic health systems.
    • Cultivate and integrate personal relationships with Primary Care Physicians.
    • Prescribe and treat within the scope of their training, licensing and certifications.
    FourOaksHealth Primary Health Professionals include:
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Physician Assistants
    • Primary Care Physicians