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Prescreened patients with accurate EHR data. Continual patient support and appropriate reimbursement by PHP.

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Working inside the FourOaksHealth model gives you and your clients the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service in healthcare. This is accomplished by assigning a personal health professional, a My1PHP who is an NP or PA, who works on your behalf ensuring that you see the patients you need to see – all with a managed Electronic Health Record. The work of a My1PHP better aligns your time with the appropriate income.

This approach also furthers your commitment to proactively keeping people by working within a platform that provides your clients a personalized course to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and serve as a liaison between you, the patient, and, if the need should arise, other healthcare systems.

Physician benefits of working with FourOaksHealth:

  • prescreened patient visits
  • appropriate hours and appropriate income
  • provides focus on personal, individual health needs of your clients
  • knowledge that you are giving your clients all the tools for success
  • spend time with the patients who need your expertise
  • accurate data management through a managed EHR
  • working alongside a Personal Health Professional (PHP) who will be the liaison between you and your client providing customer service on a routine basis
  • scheduling, processing and billing are done for you through your client’s My1PHP

Client benefits of working with FourOaksHealth:

  • healthy lifestyle plan
  • proactive medical and health care
  • introduction of customer service in the healthcare industry
  • a Personal Health Professional (My1PHP) to assist in maintaining the healthy plan
  • individuals living independently longer
  • My1PHP providing one-on-one attention
  • personal assistance in navigating of the healthcare system