Four Oaks Health

FourOaksHealth Services

A FourOaksHealth unique service aspect is the breadth of clients who benefit from those services ranging from individuals, Physicians, Health Systems, plans, consultants, etc. This is possible due to the Vision commitment of Simplifying Health and Health Care. There is a universal need for that.

And in its also simple form, FourOaksHealth services come down to:

  • Personal Health Nurses™
  • Supporting technologies and operational processes for managing data and activities that support individuals, their health, their Personal Health Nurse™ and their local Physicians/Medical services used to restore health.

It really is that simple in concept. At the same time, it’s extremely difficult to execute and sustain. The forces against this simplicity are many and powerful.

Within these contexts, FourOaksHealth offers services to the seven potential collaborating organizationss in four ways:

  1. Strategies to deploy structures, processes and systems supporting plan management supporting Personal Health Nurses™.
  2. Training and certification of the various operations with clients operating their own version of FourOaksHealth principles.
  3. Management by managing the process using the clients’ resources to deploy and operate the structures.
  4. Full outsourcing, operating the plans on behalf of the client.